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printing with paperelle
Each paper type will deliver a different result.
paperelle studio prints with stunning quality paper in
Fine Art Matte Smooth Pearl + Semi Gloss Smooth Pearl 
+ Newly added a Smooth Matte Cotton Rag
A great example above of the different results.
From left to right we have
1. Smooth Matte
2. Semi - Gloss
3. Fine Art Matte
The smooth matte is beautiful. It is soft, the colours are a touch less saturated than the Fine Art Matte, but also deeper than the Semi-Gloss. There is no shine to this paper, but the images still print beautifully. This is a great paper option for framing, and a great option for those wanting a matte finish on moody photographs.
The semi-gloss smooth pearl is stunning, but compared to the images on a screen, the colours are slightly less saturated. In the image above you can see how the colour is softer than both matte options. Stunning, but something to keep in mind. Semi-Gloss is also a great option for images with deep shadows too. 
And the most popular option our fine art matte, smooth pearl. The colour is bold, the paper has a very slight sheen which gives a beautiful depth. Most of the time I would recommend this paper, it is truly something special, but if your images are moody/dark, or very warm, I would suggest a test print. The Smooth Matte might work better for you. 
Below you can see slight texture to the Fine Art Matte (Left) paper in comparison to the Smooth Matte (Right)
If you're still unsure on which paper type will suit you, please get in touch. I am always happy to offer advice, or a test print too if needed.
Semi-Gloss (Left)
Fine Art Matte Smooth Pearl (Right)
The original image is below. This is another great example of how the semi-gloss will print less saturated than the original image. But the semi-gloss does handle those shadows very nicely.
For more examples of printing and paper types, check out paperelle studio on instagram.